The PEOPLE - lasik doctors and entire staff take pride in working together to provide the best care and atmosphere for each of our patients. We have developed a culture of caring at PEOPLE - lasik, and it is reflected in the way we treat our patients as if they were family.

Our company is made up of five departments: Front Desk Reception, Billing, Transportation, Ophthalmic Technicians, and Surgery Center Nursing. Each department is an important part of what makes PEOPLE - lasik stand out.

Front Desk.

Our reception staff plays an important part of our patients’ PEOPLE - lasik experience.  Often our front desk staff members are the first impression our patients have of our company.  It is their job to make sure your experience with us starts off on the right foot. From scheduling appointments and answering your questions to guiding you through the necessary paperwork during your initial registration, our front office staff is here to serve you.


Our full-time billing staff works for you. It is their job to help you manage complex and sometimes difficult cost issues. Their experience helps you maximize and better understand the cost for treatment and your payment options. We feel that no one should suffer from reduced vision because of financial limitations.

Our billing staff is always available to help you understand the cost of treatment. We encourage you to contact us with any questions.


As needed and upon request, patients scheduled for Lasik consultations and treatment may use our transportation service. One of our friendly and experienced drivers will pick you up at home on the day of your appointment and drive you back home afterward. You can relax comfortably to and from our office without imposing upon family members for a ride. One friend or family member is also welcome to travel along with you, if desired.


Our highly trained and experienced ophthalmic technicians work as a cohesive team to accompany you through the comprehensive pre and post-operative evaluations performed in our office. Our technicians will perform such tasks as taking patient medical histories, taking eye measurements, and administering diagnostic tests prior to surgery.

Feel free to contact our office at 1-844-825-3100 with any medical or technical questions you may have, before and after treatment, and speak with one of our ophthalmic technicians.

Surgery Center Nursing.

Our nurses and surgery center staff have undergone special training and are here to manage your pre and postoperative care. It is their job to prepare patients for surgery by performing preoperative assessments that include gathering information about overall heath, current medications and known allergic reaction to medications. Our nurses will also educate you on the treatment itself as well as aftercare procedures. Our surgery center nurses are on call to keep you comfortable prior to surgery and tend to your needs while in recovery.

As a company—from the staff members you meet to the results you receive—it is our goal to ensure our patients have an overall positive experience with us here at PEOPLE - lasik.